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TC: Silver by PA-KT TC: Silver by PA-KT


» Name: Silver
» Nickname/Codename: The Black Dog.
» Rank:
» Path:
» Gender: 
» Age: 
» Height: 
» Species: 
Assumed Human
» Personality:
Silver is sort of an enigma, who does very little to speak about himself or of others. He has always been an athletic sort of guy, and due to his size and addiction to piercings and tattoos he has always been labeled as a juvenile, or rebellious youth. His appearance has always shunned people away from him and often times gotten him into fights unprovoked. Most of which, he brutally won.

With all that considered, Silver is more of a trend setter then a follower. He often likes to do things his own way and without interference (or input) of others. He’ll take advice if he feels like it, but if he doesn't agree with what’s being done, he won’t do it. He doesn’t mind having friends and those he manages to befriend, he becomes very protective of, often putting his life in danger to save them. He’s a big person on loyalty. However he has little to NO tolerance for betrayal, so much so that there have been stories of him slaying backstabbers gruesomely on the spot. He himself never really backs down from a challenge, and is a major connoisseur for improvement. He likes to pretend sometimes even that he hates meaningless fights, but he gets an insane adrenaline rush, and deniably enjoys them.

He doesn’t require much to be content, and sometimes sketches or does tattoo and graffiti work to pass the time. It goes without saying, he is the sort of individual people should work have on their side, rather than their bad.

» Abilities/Powers:

    »  Mania: When silver is angry, or nearing defeat, he can often go into a physical state deemed Mania in where he overexerts his body by channeling what physical and spiritual strength he has left, maximizing it, and relying on it for a sort of final last stand. When he is like this, his strength and speed is insanely increased, but his ability to rationalize is drowned in a frenzy of uncontrollable madness. In this mode he can not only endanger himself, but innocents around him and those he cares for. Because of this, he rarely does so, and uses it unless he absolutely has to.

    o   Note: while in this mode, his physical appearance alters slightly. The veins all around his body becomes a sickening black as his blood changes from red to a very dark crimson. When he uses it for a long time he starts to bleed from his eyes and other areas from his body. In this rage broken bones will regenerate quickly but, he bleeds more profusely and it places strain on his heart. Pain is felt, but he rushes through it until he’s over.  No matter how long he uses this ability, he is drained afterwards.

    »  Leech: Leech is a strange ability he has either obtained or has always seemed to have. When he is in need of energy (due to fatigue, or extreme exertion) he can feed off a person’s life essence to give him a little pick-me-up. This is not limited to blood, but it is the easiest and most available means. So he has to bite the shit out of somebody for a quick rush, he will. Because of this ability it leaves people to not only fear him, but judge him on his morality, sanity and most of all his, his humanity.

» Weapon(s)/Fighting Style:

    o  His weapon of Choice is a modified chainsaw-sword or chainblade. It has been made to appear like a blade, but has a saw located within, that sticks out at the bottom. He can turn on the saw due to a trigger located by the handle. It’s rather bent out of shape, signs he’s had it for some time but it is very sturdy. The blade is sort of his trademark and anyone who has ever lived to talk about the ‘black dog’ knows it’s him because of it. the blade also has a blunt end which he can use to hit people, turning it into some sort of metallic bat. It needs to be repaired often after a fight. It does not run on gas. 

» Biography:


    »  Silver was an alias he allegedly went by do to a mask he wore that resembled a dog. Some claimed him to be a hitman, others just a mischievous entity that seems to get around with various connections with underground and corporate entities. Or in laymen’s term, a thug for hire.

     As many can guess, Silver is very hush about his past, and even those closest to him don’t know very much of where he came from.

    With a little probing here and there few individuals he’s worked and outside sources have gathered some information about him. Some rumours have stated that he resembled a proposed ex-military veteran for the United States that was once dishonourably discharged because of gang related activities that seemed to have ‘crept’ up on him during his service. Although there is no confirmed proof, it may help explain the dogtags he keeps close to him. People have concluded that he is of a multicultural family branch and is of Brazilian and Japanese-American descent. He is fluent in three languages, including Portuguese, Japanese, and English and is currently trying to learn mandarin. His Japanese however, is not his best. And he sometimes says things incorrectly. This happens every now and then and frustrates him dearly.

» History:

    o  Most have to find out his history because it’s riddled with lies and ambiguity. But with the information surrounding him as he made an underground name from himself, it seems he has tried to break off all past connections some of whom, who currently want the black dog dead. Rumour surrounding is that there is an individual he sorely wants revenge from and may be a member of the Tatakai club. He tells others he’s there strictly for sport, improvement and to find challenges. But then again that just very well may be the truth too.


» Likes:

    o Alcohol

   o  Piercings

   o Tattoos

   o Redheads

   o Sparring

   o Visual Art / Graffiti Art

   His weapon

   o His dog tags

   Loud Music and all types of music

   o Spicey Food

» Dislikes:

    o   Reading

    o   Most Religions

    o   Nosey People

    o   Narcissist

    o   Brats

    o   Dumb-asses

    o   Senseless Killing

    o   Coffee [It gives him a severe case of the shits]

    o   People who touch his things

    o   When people correct him on his Japanese.

    o   Backstabbers [Hates]

    o   Pink

    o   Himself

    o   Cheaters


» Additional Information:


    »  Carries his dogtags at all times. If you value your fingers or like keeping them attached, don’t touch them.

      Is a bit of a slob. But is organized when it comes to his jobs/ duties.

      Is an ass man.

     Changes his hair colour depending on the seasons.

      Likes doing tattoos for almost everyone.

    He has a mixed sort of fighting style but tends to use his legs a lot if he’s not swinging his Chainblade around. He will also put the blade down and fight with his hands if asked. 

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